About Us

Hi, my name is Lorena and I started VIP Medical Transcription Services back in New Zealand in 2001.  We just arrived from South Africa and I was looking for work.  Off I went into an employment agency overlooking the beautiful city of Wellington.

 Luckily, my language skills were excellent.  My previous roles usually involved being an Executive Assistant for various high profile executives, but through the years, it seemed as if the medical environment was always going to be part of my life.  

My first experience was as a Medical Typist for a Radiologist, then followed an Office Manager role for a Neurologist, the Language Institute, the Medical Faculty of the University of Stellenbosch ... so when the agency in NZ picked up on this experience, they told me there was a shortage of medical typists, so after a few tests, I was placed at Wellington Hospital.  

I was really thrown into the deep end, as English was my second language, but thankfully, my grammar, spelling and typing skills was really good.  I was still learning, and gave a few doctors a laugh or two with my first few attempts at understanding the medical terms!  I typed anything from Gynaecology, Renal, Plastic Surgery, Rheumatology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, General Surgery ... the list goes on.  Eventually, I realised I could do this from home, as my children were still young and getting used to a new country.  

We moved to Perth, Western Australia in 2004, and at first, I went to work at hospitals just to get used to yet another country.  Because WA is such a big state, I realised there is enormous potential for digital systems there.  A lot of the doctors were still using tapes to record their audios.  I had to travel quite a distance to collect files and tapes and it took up a lot of time.  

I pride myself on keeping the business small, efficient and professional.  Simply put, we are professional Medical Typists, typing medical and medico-legal reports for medical and legal specialists, but also any other documents such as Templates, PowerPoint Presentations, large documents that needs formatting, such as a Government papers, lectures, publishing, etc.  We only use state-of-the-art digital equipment (Olympus Digital Management Systems, Trend Micro Maximum Security, MS Office 2016 (compatible with older versions), Nuance PDF , etc. 

We have practical experience, having lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - in hospitals and private practices, in roles such as Medical Typists, Medical Secretaries and Practice Managers. Because we are a small team, our medical typists offer a great service to each individual doctor and health specialist, in order to attend to their individual needs.  You send your report via email to us, we type it, and send it right back to you.  We respect confidentiality at all times.

What we do takes dedication and hard work, and requires excellent medical terminology, spelling, accurate typing, attention to detail, advanced computer literacy - all elements we pride ourselves on.

VIP Medical Transcription Services is proud of what we do and this is reflected in our work.